Chapter 5: You’re not ready yet?

“Mom. You’re on in… what, 15 minutes? You’re not ready yet?” Joon didn’t even try to hide the rising frustration in her voice. “What are you doing?”

Maye was surprisingly calm. “Can’t decide whether to wear the green, red, or silver. I’m not sure why its turning into such a difficult decision, but it is.”

Joon looked at the three gowns. “Red. Its opening night. Its big band. If ever there’s an occasion to go bold, its tonight. Just go for it, but you need to hurry. What can I help with?”

Maye nodded at her daughter. “Well, actually…”

“What?” Joon shrugged.

Maye lowered her voice even though they were the only two in the room. “Laveenasura is in the small telephone parlor downstairs. Would you –”

“Lady Laveena? Here?” Joon still treasured the intricate jeweled medallion the reclusive Laveenasura gifted to her as a child. She’d not seen her since.

“Yes,” Maye smiled. “I thought I’d have time myself, but would you take her to the young Sura woman’s suite?”

“Um, yes, of course. Is that why she’s here? To see Dellasura?” Joon probed. Lady Laveena, here, on opening night.

“Yes, that too,” Maye raised her brow. “She had already planned to attend tonight, thank you very much; Della’s presence is merely coincidental.”

Joon stared at her mother. “I don’t believe that any more than you do, but I see you’re not going to tell me right now. Since when are Suras about coincidences?”

“She’s waiting,” Maye urged, gently.

“Yeah, yeah. Mom, everyone’s waiting.” Joon pointed to the red dress. “Red?”

“Red,” Maye promised as Joon hurried out in search of the mysterious Lady Laveena.

Only 15 minutes to showtime, Maye thought, a deep breath, hoping she can still fit into the vintage red gown.

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