Chapter 6: Ancient paths or too many coincidences?

Lady Laveenasura looked around the small telephone parlor, visions of the old train depot playing in her mind.

“Lady Laveena?” Joon hurried into the parlor.

“Joon, so lovely to see you.” She looks so much like her mother, Laveena thought.

“I hope you haven’t been waiting long,” Joon said.

“Not at all,” Laveena reassured.

“Mom is still dressing but wanted to get you to Dellasura right away,” Joon explained, then added, “You know, I, I still have the medallion you gave to me when –”

“When you were a little girl,” Laveena remembered. “I’m glad you still have it; you will need it someday.”

Joon stopped. “What? What do you mean I will need it someday?”

“You will know when you are meant to know,” Laveena’s voice was gentle.

Joon, bewildered, pressed for more. “I don’t understand. How will –”

Avalina, floating around the corner, delighted at seeing Laveenasura, interrupted the two women. “Godmother?”

“Avalina, my child,” Laveena greeted her rebellious goddaughter. “Where are you going in such a hurry? This is a party, is it not?”

There was no hiding of truths from Lady Laveenasura. “I’m not exactly in a hurry, but I am, admittedly, looking for the ambidextrous archer checking hardware at the door. There’s something–”

“Pardon the interruption,” Ledges offered politely. “Miss Joon, there’s a man without an invitation at the security door asking for you. He wouldn’t give his name. He said you were expecting him and that–”

“Yes, yes, I forgot,” Joon interrupted. “I, um, I’ll take care of it; thank you Ledges.”

Avalina moved closer. “I knew you were an archer,” she exclaimed. “But why do you get to walk around here bearing arms while the rest of us cannot?”

“Security,” he said matter of factly, again, as she’d asked him nearly the same question at the door. And he’d given the same answer then too. He wondered, again, just as he had at the door, where they’d met, originally. There was something familiar about her.

Avalina moved closer still. “You gave that same answer at the door.”

“Yes, because the answer has not changed,” Ledges hesitated, then, “now, if you’ll excuse me.”

“Wait,” Avalina softened. “I meant no disrespect. Any friend of Maye’s is a friend of mine. And I’m sure she has her reasons for all this… security.”

Ledges, unable to shake his suspicions, acquiesced nevertheless, “and any friend of Maye’s is also my friend.”

Joon and Laveena exchanged glances. “Seriously?” Joon whispered to her, but Laveena responded only with a quiet “shhhh…”

“Well, my friend, I will see you –” Avalina started.

“Again. You will see me, again,” Ledges concluded, his curiosity growing. Where did he know her from?

“Indeed,” Avalina answered, turning away to break eye contact.

“Till we meet again,” Ledges voice echoed as she floated from the small parlor.

He waited until she was out of view before he too went on his way. Yet, both were surprised to find the other staring back through the parlor windows only moments later.

Eyes locked on each other, they knew in that particular moment they would “indeed” meet again.

Joon broke the odd silence, turning to Lady Laveena. “I have more questions than I should have right now.”

Laveena chuckled, knowingly. “You must see to your guest at the security door. I can find my own way to the young Sura woman’s suite.”

“She’s in Room 6, its –“.

“This way. Yes, I know,” Laveena turned in the direction of the private suites.

“Of course,” Joon nodded, embracing the elder woman, then added, “will I see you again before you go?”

“You will, my child, you will,” she reassured, moving away slowly, her limp barely noticeable as she balanced her steps with the gold walking stick that she was never without. Never.

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