Thank you for visiting BackTalkCafe.com, home of the Back Talk Cafe — a gathering space filled with life-like stories presented through a fictional lens.


Back Talk Cafe is the fictional story about characters (portrayed with dolls) who frequent the Cafe, their stories revealed in regular chapter installments. You can follow the site to receive notification as each new chapter is released or check back from time to time for a little binge reading!

Dolls in all their various forms have been relevant in story telling for thousands of years, if not longer — from stuffed corn husks shaped into forms, to ceremonial dolls, to GI Joe and Barbie with their detailed uniforms and designer gowns, to guys with sticks and stones demonstrating game plays in the sand.

Perhaps all dolls are story dolls, in one way or another. No doubt they, and accompanying human imagination will continue to survive and outlast the latest and greatest gizmo and gadget, just as they always have.

I’ve always loved dioramas, as a kid, as an adult. And the 12″ Barbie and GI Joe dolls are such a great size for creating story dioramas, choosing the dolls for each character, or a look or mood or attitude, then of course the very cool clothes. And it can be accomplished in a small space and on hobby time. Imagination, story telling.

This is a new site, a hobby, which means I’m still learning my way around and adjusting details, adding chapters as I can, figuring it all out as I go. If you have questions, please feel free to use the contact form and I will respond as quickly as I can.

Welcome to the Back Talk Cafe!